John Szabo

//John Szabo

About John

John’s habitat is  in Melbourne, which he shares with his own small Zoo – Liz (Mrs Lion) and three young animals, Stefanie (young Lioness), Tomas (young Bull) and Peter (young Chimp).

Having completed his HSC and achieving a good score in Art, John decided to study Industrial Engineering, which he successfully managed to complete. After a short stay working with Pantyhose, John moved to Chocolate where he then spent many a year doing things that Industrial Engineers do. Throughout that time, to survive, John maintained a healthy sense of humour and perspective on life and was often found creating cartoons and illustrations portraying life at work. Other creative outbursts manifested themselves at Christmas time, where John’s acting talents (or lack of) were put to the test in front an expectant Zoo in the annual pageant.

John’s association with Arthur began in the Chocolate Zoo and made it’s way to England and back. Throughout the last seven years, the two have maintained a very strong friendship and have often discussed deep and meaningful subjects, most of which were too deep even for John, however John’s mind was always ticking visualizing the funny side of life, even if stuck in a large Zoo.

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