Where did 2 years disappear to? Free profiler

//Where did 2 years disappear to? Free profiler

I ambitiously started this blog two years ago and had not revisited it again until now? How does that happen? When I was young I had an anonymous quote on my wall “There must be something to reincarnation – it is hard to believe I could get this far behind in only one lifetime”. Time is a resource that is difficult to manage. We all get the same amount of it each day and yet for some it is not enough and for others too much. Do you lament how you SPEND your time or do you take care to prioritise how you INVEST it? Words are powerful and can tell us a lot about people if we take the time to listen and reflect on how they are used by others.

Well anyway – finally back up and running. The plan is to post weekly. Let’s see what interesting animals we can find out there. You may be interested to know I have made my animal metaphor profiler available for free. Lots of fun and you can quickly find out a lot about yourself and perhaps some of your peers. Visit http://www.organizationalzoo.com/profiler and “Discover your inner animals” (within a specific context, as the secret to happiness and success is in being adaptable enough to be the right animal in the right context). Look forward to your feedback.

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