A Survival Guide to Workplace Behavior

The Organizational Zoo is a fun and educational guide to understanding workplace relationships and how to improve them.

The Book

The book entertainingly profiles common behaviour types found in organisations through animal metaphors, and shows how the mix of animals in the hierarchy determines the organisational culture. Readers immediately relate to the simple profiles and learn how to include them in practical exercises for building productive teams.

Each profile includes a wonderful caricature that intuitively portrays the behaviour. The tongue-in-cheek style and witty descriptions of animal interactions, provide a light and entertaining read.

The Profiler

The profiler on this website enables people to explore what animals they can be in different contexts. Readers enjoy learning and applying the ideas towards working better together.

As you read and play, you will come to recognize the various Zoo creatures and learn how to deal with them. This concept gives great insights for the inexperienced and provides a useful reinforcement reference for the more experienced among us who every day must manage the interactions between the creatures in our Zoos.

Organizational Zoo Book

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Written by Arthur Shelley
Illustrated by John Szabo

A few words from Arthur Shelley

The Organizational Zoo is a safe, engaging and creative way to explore relationships. It’s exciting to see how much constructive conversation about behaviour is stimulated when people interact around the Zoo concept.