Organizational Zoo Ambassadors

Zoo Ambassadors are trained and accredited members of the Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network (OZAN) who have gained extensive experience in using The Organizational Zoo concepts as part of their own professional practice.

Zoo Ambassadors have been trained in the application of Zoo Tools. They freely share their experiences and act as mentors to other members of OZAN.

Achieving ambassador status provides members with free access to the Organizational Zoo materials and concepts to include in their programs, providing the original source is acknowledged and branding is retained on materials.

To obtain the status of Zoo Ambassador, candidates are required to first participate in two one-day Ambassador training programs. Once trained, candidates must use at least two of the Zoo Tools in a program and provide audience feedback from these. A brief report summarising the use of the tools and the outcomes of the exercise must be submitted to the OZAN Wiki.

We strongly recommend liaising with an accredited Organizational Zoo Ambassador before attempting to apply any Organizational Zoo methods.

Our Ambassadors

Read more about our accredited Organizational Zoo Ambassadors here:

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Arthur Shelley

Arthur Shelley
Founder, Organizational Zoo

Arthur is a capability development and knowledge strategy consultant with over 30 years professional experience…


Andrew DuLaney Shaw

Andy comes from an I.T. and Psychology background. His inquisitive nature has taken him across three continents…


Frank Connolly

Frank is an experienced consultant accredited with a number of professional development tools…


Keith De La Rue

Keith De La Rue is an educator and independent consultant in knowledge management, communication, learning and social media…

Laurel Sutton

Laurel Sutton

Laurel started her career as an occupational therapist in mental health working with the way people behaved, thought, learnt, changed and understood…


Mark Boyes

With a strong business orientation and a creative mind, Mark is an Illustrator, Strategic Consultant and PhD candidate all rolled into one…

organisationszoo-nicole-stoecker tn

Nicole Stöcker

Nicole has worked as a project manager and a consultant for over 20 years…

organisationszoo-peter-renner tn

Peter Renner

Peter is a passionate HR and IT project manager with over 30 years of experience…


Tom Blair

Tom Blair has utilized the Zoo for over 180 participants and draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in business and as an educator…


Kru Kate

Dr. Netpreeya Choomchaiyo, known as ‘Kru Kate’, has expertise in business management, human resource development, and counseling psychology…

MD_Indera 2

MD Indera Tasripin

MD Indera Tasripin is the Singapore Ambassador and the Asia Head of the Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network…

Szabo 2

John Szabo

John’s habitat is in Melbourne, which he shares with his own small Zoo…