Andrew DuLaney Shaw

//Andrew DuLaney Shaw

About Andrew

Andy comes from an I.T. and Psychology background. His inquisitive nature has taken him across three continents, from Lloyds of London to Foster’s Australia, via Arizona where he worked in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and education. Being exposed to many colourful personalities during his career, Andy learnt that effective solutions are best delivered by the right people acting in the right roles. He discovered his strength is instinctively knowing how to help his colleagues understand a more people-focused, rather than process-focused approach, to deliver sustainability and high-performance teams.

Andy became involved with Organizational Zoo for its rich resource of expert people developing change management methods. The animal metaphors provided Andy with an enlightening and non-confrontational approach to understanding the innate behaviours he had observed in his colleagues and himself. Today, Andy’s focus is on sharing practical problem solving techniques that people can action themselves at the workplace. He delivers change workshops, develops teams and produces change-focused tools. With a focus on collaborative techniques, Andy enables people to achieve their best and contribute to the vision that results in businesses emerging as future leaders.

Learn more about Andy’s background from Twitter, LinkedIn and the Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum.