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About Arthur

Arthur is a capability development and knowledge strategy consultant with over 30 years professional experience. He has held a variety of professional roles including managing international projects in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA and teaches Knowledge Management, Project Leadership and other post-graduate courses at RMIT University. He has a PhD in the influence of behaviour in project team environments and how metaphor could be used to develop productive interactions and conversations.

Arthur is the author two books:

He is regularly invited to international conferences to speak or facilitate workshops on his books and articles, and is the founder of The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network, leader of the RMIT MBA mentoring program, co-facilitator of the Melbourne KM Leadership Forum, and formerly the Global Knowledge Directory for Cadbury Schweppes.

Throughout his professional life, he has traveled extensively and has lived or worked in many Australasian and European countries as well as working on American projects. From these experiences, he developed an appreciation of the important of leveraging the diversity of thinking, behaviour and culture in finding the best way forward.

Despite constantly adapting, four basic characteristics have always remained:

  • Interest in human and animal behaviour
  • Trying to understand why people do the things they do
  • Reading about how others think, and
  • A desire to improve any process or situation.

This website and the community that use its free resources brings together a lifetime of these hobbies, adds a a dash of humour and the simple fun involved in sharing character profiles. The hope being that this recipe enables others to be more adaptive in how they approach their relationships and get more pleasure (and less stress) from them.

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Arthur lives in multicultural Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Joy and two daughters, Cathy and Helen.

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Arthur Shelley