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About Kru Kate

Dr. Netpreeya Choomchaiyo, known as ‘Kru Kate’, has been appointed as accredited OZAN Ambassador (Thailand).  With her fine expertise in business management, human resource development, and counseling psychology, she was trained and has mastered the Organizational Zoo as a tool for corporate change management, including changes in attitudes, behaviors and skills.

She skillfully works with the Organizational Zoo metaphor to help identify individual Success DNA and Corporate DNA, and help the participants or coachee learn to bring out their best qualities and efforts to the mutual benefits for themselves and their organisation.

She has successfully conducted workshops, coaching and counseling sessions using the Zoo metaphor in leading government and private organizations in Thailand such as BMW, PTT, Thai Life Insurance, Bangkok Airways, AIG, TIPCO, Osotspa, Index Creative Village, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Government Housing Bank, National Statistical Office and others.