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//Mark Boyes

About Mark

With a strong business orientation and a creative mind, Mark is an Illustrator, Strategic Consultant and PhD candidate all rolled into one. During his 15 years of local and international experience in delivering major information technology projects, Mark was a driving force behind the design and development of the world’s first live casino revenue protection system as well as a number of software developments that transformed the way high volume businesses collected, stored and analysed data. Mark has recently been engaged as a Business Intelligence Specialist on the world’s first and largest Retail/Wholesale SAP installation for a major Australian Pharmaceutical company.

Mark’s experience is broad, including creative industries, hospitality, finance, human resources, merchandise, supply chain, security and surveillance, legal and compliance, retail and wholesale. Mark sits on the board of directors at RMIT’s Centre for Integrated Project Solutions and his doctoral research is used as an exemplar for new PhD students.

Mark has a unique ability to see the big picture and the detail at the same time. He has strong technical skills and leadership skills. He has 10 years’ experience in senior management roles, so he is equally skilled in communicating with executives and senior managers as well as delivering training to the people on the ground. Mark designed and delivered training programs to over 2000 participants in various settings including; computer training, business intelligence, surveillance techniques, data analysis and creativity workshops.

See more information at Mark’s website, Knowledge Ink.