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About Nicole

Nicole has worked as a project manager and a consultant for over 20 years. She runs her own company in Switzerland, where she supports start-ups and SMEs with branding, graphics, web, marketing and Social Media. She also works as a project manager for multinational companies, where she uses the Organizational Zoo to assist with the management of suppliers, customers and dozens of employees.

Nicole`s passion is developing people and companies. Like a bee and an owl, she uses best-of-breed tools to support her customers. Some of her tools are Hemi-Sync sound technology, Kinesiology, Brain Gym and of course The Organizational Zoo. She delivers workshops in German and English at universities and for companies of any size; she also works with individuals to help them to achieve their personal goals.

Nicole has now created the German Organizational Zoo website and cards. She is building the base for the international multi-language Zoo, and has also become the first European Ambassador.

Please see the new German-language Organizational Zoo Europe website at

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