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About Peter

Peter is a passionate HR and IT project manager with over 30 years of experience.  He has worked mostly on the supplier side for big international brands like IBM, Siemens, Oracle, SAP, Baan, Ariba and Zurich Insurances. Peter has a broad background in global Human Capital Management projects, and is currently working as an international project manager for ADP, one of the leading companies in HCM outsourcing. He speaks German, English, French and Dutch.

Peter’s passion is supporting people in realising their dreams. This means also helping people to find their right place. Often he has had to fire people to persuade them to find their own way.

Developing his own workshops since the late 1980s, Peter has now added the Organizational Zoo to the wide range of tools in his toolkit. He has found it to be an excellent technique for improving performance, challenging managers to become real leaders and to influence team members to increase their contribution to company results. As a typical eagle and beneficial insect, he is supporting OZAN from behind, and was nominated as the second Ambassador in Europe.

Please see the new German-language Organizational Zoo Europe website at

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