Meet The Organizational Zoo Characters

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Basic hard worker. Great work ethic, gets on with it.
Dedicated, Hardworking, Intuitive, Loyal, Organised, Territorial
Decisive, Individualistic, Logical, Self-interested, Thinking, Visionary


Knowledge worker. Team workers using tools.
Collaborative, Communicative, Hardworking, Loyal, Strategic, Territorial
Individualistic, Manipulative, Political , Rebellious, Self-interested, Two-faced


Two-faced "Yes man". Agrees with everything you say (disputes later).
Adaptable, Manipulative, Political , Self-interested, Territorial, Two-faced
Confident, Loyal, Reliable, Sincere, Strong, Trustworthy


Loyal follower. Good learner, will do anything for their master.
Enthusiastic, Gullible, Loyal, Playful, Reliable, Trusting
Cautious, Political , Reflective, Strategic, Visionary, Wise


Inspirational leader. Know what they want and soar well above the rest.
Action-orientated, Confident, Inspiring, Strategic, Visionary, Decisive
Emotional, Pessimistic, Political , Self-interested, Territorial, Two-faced


"Look at me". Purr for praise, like to chase, run from danger.
Aloof, Emotional, Individualistic, Intuitive, Self-interested, Territorial
Approachable, Communicative, Patient, Sociable, Trusting, Visionary


"Centre of the fun". The social fabric of the Zoo.
Approachable, Collaborative, Enthusiastic, Open, Playful, Sociable
Cautious, Invisible, Pessimistic, Shy, Strategic, Thinking


Pack ambushers. Power and success through gangs.
Accountable, Aggressive, Collaborative, Manipulative, Opportunistic, Strong
Aloof, Cautious, Emotional, Gullible, Shy, Tolerant



The outsiders. Intruders seeking resources.
Action-orientated, Aggressive, Competitive, Manipulative, Self-interested, Strategic
Humble, Invisible, Loyal, Sincere, Trusting, Trustworthy



Trusted adviser. The external go-to person when you need help.
Inspiring, Knowledgeable, Logical, Mature, Sincere, Visionary
Ambitious, Individualistic, Invisible, Nasty, Pessimistic, Two-faced


Elite guards. Carers of the small intimate clan.
Aggressive, Agile, Controlling, Political , Sociable, Territorial
Gullible, Invisible, Patient, Shy, Tolerant, Trusting


New Kid on the block. Graduate recruits and apprentices.
Approachable, Enthusiastic, Gullible, Playful, Shy, Sociable
Controlling, Knowledgeable, Mature, Powerful, Visionary, Wise


Aggressive leader. Rules the pride through fear.
Aggressive, Controlling, Powerful, Self-interested, Strong, Territorial
Cautious, Dedicated, Hardworking, Patient, Shy, Tolerant


Productive back-office worker. Scurrying about getting the task done.
Adaptable, Agile, Enthusiastic, Hardworking, Invisible, Productive
Aggressive, Ambitious, Arrogant, Rebellious, Self-interested, Territorial


Lazy parasite. Draining the Zoo of nutrients.
Frustrating, Individualistic, Invisible, Opportunistic, Predictable, Self-interested
Accountable, Dedicated, Hardworking, Productive, Sociable, Wise


Eternal mentor. Sharing knowledge to develop others.
Dedicated, Hardworking, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Logical, Wise
Arrogant, Controlling, Individualistic, Rebellious, Self-interested, Two-faced


Aggressive attackers. The negative gossip clan.
Action-orientated, Aggressive, Dangerous, Frustrating, Self-interested, Two-faced
Adaptable, Approachable, Sincere, Thinking, Trustworthy, Visionary

Quercus robur

Endangered philanthropic chairperson. Inspirational, helpful and caring.
Decisive, Honest, Inspiring, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Wise
Aggressive, Aloof, Controlling, Divisive, Emotional, Territorial


Noisy politician. Posturing to attack, but usually defensive bluff.
Manipulative, Nasty, Political , Self-interested, Territorial, Divisive
Collaborative, Honest, Loyal, Sincere, Sociable, Trusting


Sleepy hermits. Independent, disinterested and non-productive.
Cautious, Frustrating, Humble, Invisible, Patient, Shy
Action-orientated, Agile, Enthusiastic, Hardworking, Productive, Sociable


Battle-scared dinosaur. Leave me alone, I don't want to adapt.
Cautious, Pessimistic, Self-interested, Shy, Territorial, Thinking
Adaptable, Collaborative, Enthusiastic, Open, Sociable, Visionary


Mythical perfect manager. Not real, but many think they are one.
Aloof, Ambitious, Arrogant, Controlling, Political , Self-interested
Honest, Humble, Inspiring, Open, Strategic, Trustworthy


Gleeful undertaker. Not courageous enough to attack, prey on maimed.
Individualistic, Nasty, Opportunistic, Pessimistic, Self-interested, Territorial
Collaborative, Inspiring, Open, Shy, Trustworthy, Visionary


Cool techno-dude. Specialized and knowledgeable, but accident prone.
Communicative, Focussed, Inspiring, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Thinking
Adaptable, Aggressive, Cautious, Dangerous, Manipulative, Wise


Multi-talented hybrids. Specifically designed, bred and developed to perform.
Action-orientated, Adaptable, Ambitious, Competitive, Intelligent, Knowledgeable
Humble, Invisible, Loyal, Patient, Shy, Tolerant


Bull at a gate. Amusing, non-political and larger than life.
Action-orientated, Approachable, Enthusiastic, Open, Playful, Trusting
Cautious, Considerate, Patient, Shy, Thinking, Wise


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